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What makes a person a family member, anyways?F is for family quilt block

Well, there's blood of course, but that doesn't always promise a relationship.  Family can be anyone whom you choose and they can pop up unexpectedly like sunflower seeds under a birdfeeder.

I'm missing our Quilt Vendor family these days.  During show hours we're fierce competitors, but during set up, after hours and on the road, we're a tight family.  Is someone not feeling well?  Did someone forget something?  All they have to do is ask and help is there. As much as I'm missing my actual family members, I'm missing my show buddies nearly as badly.

I have found some solace in surprising friends with random phone calls and emails and I find my own spirits lifted when I hear their voices. 

What are you doing to keep yourself upbeat and how are you spreading sunshine and smiles?

Enjoy thinking about your family and/or extended family as you put together this block.

Download here

by Julie Luoma of Off The Wall QuiltQuilt Block Mania October Banner

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Julie Luoma
Julie Luoma

5 Responses

Carol Otter
Carol Otter

November 09, 2020

Thank you so much for sharing you lovely block.


October 08, 2020

Love your comment that family is anyone you choose. I grew up in a large family and extended family most of whom lived locally. Some people I thought were relatives weren’t blood related but family all the same. Everyone was welcome to gatherings and reunions and one side of the family had over 100 attendees. The other side was “only 50-60” people. You learned to get along with others and do what is best for the family.
My 5 siblings and I comment frequently that we may not have had a lot of material things but lessons on self sufficiency and self reliance and the meaning of family makes it easier for us during the pandemic isolation.
I think your pattern would look great on quilted pillows for Christmas.


October 08, 2020

Thank you! I also liked what you had to say. Coming from a family with generations of adoptions and steps, family takes on a whole new meaning!

Lori Smanski
Lori Smanski

October 08, 2020

this is a wonderufl block. thank you. I will be using this in a pillow


October 06, 2020

Thank you for sharing! Love it!

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