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ViviLux - Clip-On Lights

Lights that move with you!  These handy lights clip to any pair of eyeglasses so they follow your line of vision at all times.

 ►A MINI SPOTLIGHT FOR YOUR PROJECTS: When you need more light, clip one or both of Vivilux’s tiny lights with mega-bright beams to your eyeglasses, shirt collar, cap or anything up to ½” wide! Then, adjust for awesome illumination! 575 Lumens BRIGHT

  • ►RED, GREEN, AND WHITE LIGHTS Great for Most Activities in the Dark: Independently select the best color (no cycling through) for your needs, whether as a Book Light , doing Hand Crafts or Reading by the TV, reading a menu in a dark restaurant, early morning or late night running, or walking dogs at night. And, green and red lights are great for sewing quilting, beading or painting to assess your color palette!
  • ►RED AND GREEN ARE AWESOME for Night Hunting and outdoor Nature Activities: Choose Red for deer hunting and nature walks. Use Green for feral hog hunting. Reduce the chance any animal will spot you before you spot it!
  • ►SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT WITH BUTTON BATTERY POWER: Powered by CR-2032 button cell batteries, each light with clip weighs a mere .5 ozs (15g) each, so they won’t weigh you down!Over 60 hours continuous use!
  • ►ROTATES AND PIVOTS FOR PRECISION: Each light rotates a full 360 degrees, not just up and down, but also all around! So the light can be focused where you need it to keep your hands free.



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