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Vivilux LED Sewing and Craft Light

Get super bright lighting exactly where you need it.

Tiny LEDs pinpoint light in a super small package.  Direct the light EXACTLY where needed. Included in package:

  • ViviLux LED light with flexible wand LEDs
    • 100,000 hours LED life
  • Rechargeable battery (up to 14 hours continuous use)
  • USB charging cable
  • Wall Plug
    • US standard
    • Also available EU, UK, Aus/NZ (Select Below)
  • ►SHINE A SPOTLIGHT ON YOUR PROJECT The ViviLux Super Bright Flexible LED Craft and Sewing Light is a small, portable craft light that mimics true natural daylight in a small space. Illuminate your work for precision, reduced eyestrain and to admire your fabulous designs!THIS MODEL HAS A EUROPEAN PLUG AND MAGNET
  • ►MULTI-USE LIGHTING This sewing and quilting lamp will attach to your sewing machine, serger, long arm quilter or other flat surface with the included magnet, or it works free standing also! The flexible neck lets you direct the light wherever you need it.
  • ►VERSATILE TASK LIGHTING You are going to love this adjustable light for so many crafts and hobbies! Use it in your model train set, dollhouse or even to shine a spotlight on favorite figurines or art! Attach to your stand for sheet music lighting or use as a booklight! The flexibility offers limitless possibilities!
  • ►A CHARGEABLE LIGHT WITH LONG LIFE The rechargeable battery fully charges in 3 hours! And this little powerhouse will crank out 1200 lumens of bright light for over 14 hours! Then, it keeps working on diminished brightness for over a week!
  • ►USB CABLE AND WALL PLUG INCLUDED The dual LED lights will last for thousands of hours, and the rechargeable battery will last for thousands of charge cycles. Charge using the included USB charging cord and Wall Plug. Depending on model, wall plugs are available for US / Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, and Australia / New Zealand. You can charge using the included USB cable and plug with a standard wall outlet or an external power source like your laptop computer or sewing machine.
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